Welcome to Mehkr , where you have access to many online tools

We believe it is a great thing to have all the tools you may need in one BOX. This is why we are dedicated in doing just that.

  • Content Creation Tools
  • Analytics Tools
  • Artificial Inteligent Tools
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Our Tools

Check Some of Our Tools Below

YouTube Video Downloader

Download YouTube Videos

TikTok Video Downloader

Download TikTok Videos With No Watermarks

Grammer Correction Tool

Correct The Grammer In Your Content

Keyword Extractor

Extract Keywords From Your Content

Text To Speech

Convert your text (e.g articles, web contents, text messages) to voice/audio files

Speech To Text

Convert your speeches (Audio files) to text

Our goal is to create as many online tools as we can

In other to run a successful online business or do your job faster without wasting time, you must to have all the tools you need at your fingertips. This is why we are here.

We develop tools for digital marketing, SEO, Content creation, Media, e.t.c.


How Mehkr works

We search and identify what's needed to make digital work much easier
We research and develope solution in form of services
We then create the tools that helps with the service.

If you find any of our tools useful, be free to join us to enjoy a lot more

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